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The entire theoretical material contained on our platform is sufficient to obtain the highest level of education in the field of negotiations.

Negotiations, however, do not exist without their constant practicing.

Therefore, after each part of the course, we recommend performing live negotiations, which we generally run in open Worldwide groups on a virtual negotiating platform.

Information about upcoming dates of negotiation practices will be sent through our newsletter.

So do not forget to sign up for it.

Our virtual negotiations are no different than live ones, and you only need your own laptop and high-speed Internet access to participate in them.

Each training the tutor starts with a short lecture and short repetition of the material, then explains the rules and give general information about the negotiation case. The participants are divided into negotiation teams and assigned to them their tasks in the team (negotiator, observer, summarizing, or manager). Each team gets its specific scope of information related to the negotiating case, e.g. different for sellers and another for buyers and we separate your virtual rooms to let you do your preparation in the teams. You will also receive a set of negotiating forms that will help you in preparation.

These negotiating cases provide you with live examples of the real negotiations, which means that these stories have really happened, and we use them to give you the best opportunity to practice as we can. Within live negotiations we will put you in different types of conflict situations:

– where the parties don’t have to agree
– and where agreement must be reached

Multi-lateral – involving three or more parties each negotiating
– at separate meetings – where your opportunity to strike a deal with one party is linked to other deals with other parties
– and in the same room at the same time – like management board does

After the preparation phase, the lecturer reunites all rooms in one negotiating room and the negotiations begin.

In such a way we use case plays in which we put you in negotiating situations and ask to negotiate towards a settlement with people on the oposite side of the table.

We will not giving you huge amount of papers and asking for distilling them down to the answer as might happen in a case study, nor we do give you “roles” to play.

On our negotiation practices we learn from the mistakes, so we will encourage you to try new things and to experiment with new techniques.

All negotiations are recorded by the teacher and then after their completion it is played back for participants and the tutor discusses step by step all the events and techniques of importance to your negotiation process.
All recordings of your negotiations will be available to you for another year and will allow you to improve yourself.

We recommend the first participation in practical negotiations as soon as possible, just after the PREPARATION PART 1 of the course.

In summary there are many different ways to learn during the course: from the lectures, from preparation, from taking part in a negotiation and from a review of the negotiation you have taken part.


The great benefit for you is, that you can take the entire course from anywhere on the planet, negotiating with people from different countries, with different profiles, getting to know different national specific behaviors and making friends all over the world.

There is no problem to assign you to a specific group, eg: buyers, sellers, managers, CXO’s, taking into consideration your experience level and seniority etc., or to create special groups for employees of each customer and to propose a specific scope and time, and we can also conduct on site training & practicing.

In order to agree terms and conditions, please contact us via contact form.

We will respond within 24 hour at the latest.

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