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A VIP TRAINING is now available


VIP trainings are dedicated to people from the highest management level, investors senior negotiators and people who:

  • would like to practice one-on-one negotiation with a tutor
  • they do not want to participate in open live trainings
  • they need support only in selected areas of negotiations
  • they are looking for new negotiation methods in their specific industry
  • they are looking for negotiation advice for specific cases
  • seek negotiation coaching: support in preparation for negotiation and negotiation sparring

For those willing to train negotiations in a larger group, will be organized live negotiators only in a specially selected group of VIPs equal to their experience and skills, which will make training more interesting and at the highest level of seniority.

In order to agree terms and conditions, please contact us via contact form. We will respond within 24 hour at the latest.



    November 4, 2018
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