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Complete Negotiations System

The complete negotiation system is organized based on the 8 steps of the Scotwork negotiations structure. It’s because this is the way how you can manage in real life your negotiations PROCESS, and such an advanced is missing in other methodologies. Then based on this skeleton, we supplement it with techniques coming from other methodologies, connecting to particular stages of the negotiation process.

Thanks to this, you get a comprehensive set of knowledge from different negotiating schools and all these along with comparative effectiveness analysis, and with dependence on the circumstances of the application.
In addition, the training includes our practical explanations of the specific methodologies and techniques, which gives you the answer not only to the questions: “how?” and “when?”, but also “why?” and makes you a negotiator fully aware of your actions.

Complete Negotiations System consists of nine trainings entirely covering the scope of negotiation knowledge and additionally enriched with additional techniques. In a case you want to achieve the same at trainings of individual companies, you would have to take them at least 4 and you still would not know as many techniques as there are presented here.

The great benefit for you is, that you can take the entire course from anywhere on the planet at the most convenient time for you.

Preparation Phase Part 1

$9.00 per 365 days
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