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We warmly invite you to submit all your queries to us. We are curious about your needs and we will try to meet all challenges related to your negotiation cases as well as questions to the training material. In any case, we will reply within 24 hours and be not surprised by our request for additional information, that will allow us to deliver you the correct answer or prepare the proper pricing in scope of our services for your case

Our Philosophy

We are practitioners and we do not stop practicing. For us, only this is true and valuable, what works in practice. We are negotiation schools agnostic and independent of any university. We are aware of the constantly changing world and modern forms of communication, therefore, we are constantly developing our methods to adapt to the way, in which new generations interact. We believe, that the ability to communicate properly and effective negotiations will not lose their significance for many next generations.

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Our mission is to build negotiating organizations, by what we mean the organizations with the negotiating culture, maintaining trained negotiators and coaches, using negotiating processes and knowledge base, where in result they gain resemble growth of the efficiency like by usage of the 6-sigma approach for production

"The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun." John D. Rockefeller

We believe that a new generation of negotiators will be created, benefiting from the gains of all negotiating schools, able to adapt their methods and techniques to a specific situation regardless of whether they are business, political or regular price negotiations. We believe that the new generation of professional negotiators will be composed of multi-disciplinary specialists who will continue to look for new methods of effective negotiations.

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of our experience in general management, sales, management consulting and project management, including also the most modern Agile approach and methodologies like SCRUM. All negotiations are carried out by usage of 8 steps of the Scotwork negotiations management and supplemented by all proper for a case techniques from other schools including these most emotional as well.

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